Saturday, June 11, 2016

Keep positive intent in life as much as possible!

It took me a while to realize this, but really positive intent is everything in life.

One thing I have learnt in Tai Chi is seeing intent in action.  Literally I see the manifestation in push hands and applications.

Simply by where you put your mind can have a drastic effect on how well you push.  Is your intention on where your hands connect to your opponent or is it through the person in a distance! Is it purely trying to satisfy the desire to win, or is it a desire to learn the right skills. The difference in how much strength you have to put in a push if you do it right is remarkable!

Intent powers our chi, our energy and our lives.

Often you find in life when you are tired mentally you cannot do anything physically.  I think depression could be a symptom of this too.  Have you also noticed what a difference it makes when you make a conscious decision to do something or stick with something?  It almost seems like this is driving you forward! The difference is the power of the intent.

Now intent has a quality and a range too, it can be shallow, scattered, short term, selfish...or it can be deep, focused, long term, selfless...The later always brings joy to others and ultimately to yourself in the long run, while the former brings you some short term benefits, but longer term it leaves you dry and empty.

You want to keep more of the positive intent in life as much as possible!

How to decide where to spend your time?

In life you often want to do everything under the sun.  Your mind is limitless, however there is only so much time, so many breaths, so much attention that you can give out to different things in life before you get spread to thin and then cracks start showing up in your life!

How do you decide where to spend your time, your efforts, who you spend it with? and also whether you are being manipulated!

Well I would say remove toxic people from your life to start with, sometimes you can't always remove them, but then limit your time with them as far as possible.

Then surround yourself with people who make you a better person, those that will teach or mentor you without seeking anything in return except maybe friendship.

The structure your time to get the basics in: healthy, relaxation, sleep, nutrition and spirituality.  Your best performance at anything including work will be determined by having all of these in place!