Sunday, April 5, 2015

Truth converges!

Full Moon Meditation

I just came of a emerging manager course and I was very pleasantly suprised that much of it is based on working inwards out.  Almost all of the theory presented directly correlated to spritual, eastern and martial arts traditions.

It seems that truth converges...although there are often many ways of doing things wrong, the right way seems to transcend applications, systems and cultures...they gravitate, surface and are proven by science and observation of repeatable results.

The core was personal mastery of one self first, then influencing others, then influencing teams and then finally influencing the entire system...but it all centers on the central, your awareness, your courage!  You cannot work the otherway round, it just not authentic and it will not give you the conviction, energy, and strength of character that leaders display.

These are some questions I thought were important that I am reflecting on as a result of the workshop:

What are our clear are they, would you like to change them?

What is our purpose in clear are they,  do they drive you or do you get distracted?

How well do we really listen...can you see current reality through the feedback from others or the situation, do you have the humility to handle the truth?

How do you adapt...can you recongnize and change thinking that is self limiting, do you grow over time as a result?

How do you respond in situation and are you really clear on your you focus on things that you really want in life or get carried away in the moment and how can you change this?