Friday, December 26, 2014

A fractal approach to 2015

Fractals are everywhere around us, they are smaller repeating patterns within the larger pattern.

As such our life is a fractal as well, as larger problems mirror smaller ones, only at a larger scale, in the same manner, larger joy mirror themselves on a smaller scale. So why is this so important to understand?

Well, its important because if we can focus on changing an ineffective pattern at a smaller scale, this will change the larger patterns of our lives.  Too often we neglect the smaller things in our lives: do we behave differently at home than we do at work, do we behave different with people of different levels of power? Why should I treat the janitor with a different level of respect than my boss, they both deserve the same dignity of respect, if the essence of divine is in all of us, should they not?

So small things are important, although they may not appear to be, and are equally deserving of our attention if we want true change in our lives, they are also easier to practice and change than the larger uncontrollable things in our lives, its like turning a ship steering wheel in the ocean, you turn but nothing takes affect until much later in the course, so it is with us, we have to be consistent for the effects to turn up, and if they don't turn up, maybe we are not so consistent or consistent with the wrong things!

This also lends itself quite well to Karma theory where our impressions or Sanskara's are the seeds or the underlying micro fractal pattern. These impressions attract larger consequences and people in life almost like a magnet, good impressions attract joy, bad impressions attract suffering.

A bit of self reflection and conscious effort is always required to change the smaller fractal of  one's attitude and outlook, you have to change the within to change the without, maybe this is why New Years resolutions don't really work or last as the underlying impressions or fractals are not targeted or changed...Happy new year everyone