Sunday, April 13, 2014

Change your aim before you let the arrow go!

Many friends mentioned to me that their minds are often scrambling in meditation, to which I always reply, 'its quite normal'.

So it begs the question why is it so difficult to still the mind?

To put it simply, on one side we are bombarded with distractions and temptations all the time, on the other side we are trying to focus, still and purify the mind by having some sort of self control...

I was looking at a force diagram in the BABOK v2.0, which I said to myself, 'Wow, this is very relevant to meditation!'

Now imagine on the left you have all the distractions in the world, invitations to the ego and the senses and on the right you have your meditation technique that keeps your mind still, humility and self restraint.  Now the force is acting on your mind and your body and the stronger force will always win out. Sheer will power cannot overcome the stronger force, even if it does it will only be temporary.  Worse still is the self judgement and the guilt that we unnecessarily add to the mix when we fail, which makes us feel like shit afterwards and abandon the corrective path all together!  

So if it is so hard to stop or change an arrow in mid-flight, what do you do?

Well, you change your aim before you let the arrow go!  The trick is to increase the intensity of the force on the side you want to win, by increasing the amount of time, attention, and daily practice, so that it will naturally wins out:  

- To gain control over the emotions, it means you have to spend more time on pranayama/breathwork than worrying endlessly;
- To gain control over one's body it you have to do more mind body exercises like yoga/tai chi than sitting on your couch or in front of your computer;
- To negate negative karma it means you have create more positive karma daily.
- To still the mind, and get in touch with the spirit and the wisdom within, it means you have to spend more time on meditation than entertainment;

Benefit crystalizes from prolonged meditation in the form of happiness, humility and non-attachment regardless of what circumstances are present, just like a beautiful lotus flower untouched by the deep murky water underneath. 

This only comes with consistent daily practice in meditation over a longer term, it does not come by you willing it to come or being self judgmental, it will come by itself, slowly changing you as time goes by, as a natural by product of your daily efforts!

You plant the seed in the present, 
you water it daily with persistence and 
you reap the rewards much later...