Sunday, February 23, 2014

Be a real human rather than a Pinocchio

It's usually in the morning when I am making breakfast or packing the kid's lunch that I try to pack in some wisdom for the day as well.

I say to my kids "Do you know there is two types of voices that are going on in side your head? One that you should listen  and act on, and one you should just simply ignore. One is always right, the other always wrong. One is the voice of love and wisdom, the other fueled by negativity such as anger or fear, and ignorance."

One of my kids say"Is it like the devil on one side, and the angel on the other side of the shoulders"

I chuckle with a smile and say "Yes, it is very much like that...its sort of like Pinocchio, whenever he acts on something negative his nose grows longer and longer, and he moves further from his goal of being a real human boy. It's exactly the same with us, the more act on negative emotions and impulse, the less human or humane we become.

If you imagine yourself as a lamp, every negative thought and action is another dirty linen thrown on the lamp...over time, there is so much dirty linen, that you don't see the light anymore. These dirty linen are habits, and we form so many bad habits, that we can no longer recognize the real potential in ourselves.  The more we act out of fear, ego, greed and ignorance, the less human we become, the more artificial we become"

"So how do we know the difference then?" my daughter asks, showing me a question mark that she cut out of her toast.

I reply "See this jug of water with the gelatinous chia seeds sitting overnight, you can see roughly how much chia seeds there is at the bottom, and you can see the clear water above it. Now let me shake it up, what can you see?"

My daughter squints and looks down at the jug, so much so, that all I see is her her puppy dog eyebrows for a second, and then she says "Well not as clear now, its more murky, and I cannot see how much chia seeds there is now"

"Well, what happen?" I ask.

"Dah...You mixed it all up!" my daughter exclaims, shaking her hands vigourosly.

This is the point where I stop and look at them with the conviction of a chief prosecutor and say "Yes, its exactly the same with our minds, when our minds are still we can see right from wrong, when they are constantly excited and stimulated we cannot see the difference"

"So its just about stilling our minds then through meditation right" my son says with forming a mudra with his fingers.

"Very good son, but it's not just that, the less sentiments or dirt in our water the better. You need filters that keep the water clean like this Brita jug over here.  These filters are all your good habits, they keep your head space clean, even when your mind is excited, you can see better because your conscious is clear"

"I am hearing in my head that we are going to miss our bus if we don't go up soon and get ready, is that the good voice speaking?" says my son says with a cheeky smile on his face.

"That sure is...and you guys better hurry up, and remember to always listen and act to the good voice inside of you, so you can be a real human rather than a Pinocchio" finally sipping my well earnt heavenly cup of freshly pressed coffee.