Saturday, November 2, 2013

It takes a village...

Bali Temple Monk
Picture Bali Temple Monk kindly provided by h.koppdelaney

It takes a village to raise a child, to build a career, to be a good person: yes it takes a village just about to do anything worthwhile.

You cannot do it alone
The key to this is to recognize that you cannot do it alone, in today's fast pace world of endless demands requires: that you are able to pull together more than what you have in your head; that you have built the relationships to call on, before the shit hits the fan; and, that you built the skills before the situation calls.

Always be ready
In Tai Chi we build the martial, awareness and health capability day in and day out.  We build the skills of balance, flexibility, and mindfulness, being able to adapt to any situation as the situation demands.  A martial artist is always ready.  The same is with the world, we build allies, we build mentors, we build the personal ability of how to leverage the village, so that we are always ready whenever the situation calls.  Sun Tzu says "the war is won before it is fought!", we have to build our tribe, our ability, our environment before we fight our war!

Leverage the village
I had a recent situation, where I was called to deliver an online banking solution, and I was asked to produce some sort of recommendation in a relatively short period of time by going out and speaking to banks.  Knowing this was a difficult thing to do, and that banks are generally reluctant to share their internal solutions,  I decided to reach out to a friend to see if he could help with getting some material from research houses.  He did more than that, he organized a call for me with the research houses, to which I invited my business.  The outcome, I was able to get much material, make the right connections, have the right discussions, which enabled us to make quick decisions on how to proceed forward.  I would not have been able to do this, if I had not leverage the "village" and collaborative skills that I had built before hand.

Build the village before you need it
This goes to reinforce the point that in today's world you have to recognize that you cannot do it alone, but what you can do is build your village: you can build yourself, your skills and capabilities; you can build your tribe, your  relationships and network; you can build your resources, books, blogs, web sites etc.

Don't let fear strike you down, build this support system, this capability and this confidence to always be ready to act. You do this because it frees your mind up to be the most you can be, the best you can be, so you don't have to waste all that energy on fearing the worst that can be...