Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tai Chi to kick Parkinson's Disease Butt

I don't know why but Ali has been popping up in my head a lot in the last couple of months randomly. I was quite sadden to see a recent video of Muhammad Ali's rare public appearance.

An icon and an inspiration to many, once  swift, charismatic, sharp now a shadow of his former self, victim to Parkinson's Disease, it really tears my heart out to see suffering such as this, and it can happen to just about anyone.

I pondered if Tai Chi could cure or slow down the degeneration in something like this, given its mindfulness movements and rigorous focus on slow steady synchronized motor skills and breathing, I was just delighted to see it did.

I hold an image of Ali in my head, in his prime, in his boxing gloves and trunks doing Tai Chi just before a match in a boxing ring. I just cannot fathom what formidable opponent he would have been if he had learnt the martial arts aspect of Tai Chi and what help it could have been to him now.  Ali's spirit still lives on, you can see it in his eyes.