Saturday, July 6, 2013

with humility accept with gratitude

Picture Hush kindly provided by h.koppdelaney

with humility accept with gratitude all that is given in your life

not only what is given also what is not given for in there too is a gift...

a gift of realizing that happiness does not come with material wealth,

that constraints actually are fences built for your own protection, against your own mind

be thankful for those who are part of your life friend or foe,

for even foes have a lesson to teach you,

a chance to hone your awareness and test the limits of your goodness...

be thankful for the mentors that step into your life,

their words are that of gold, 

look at them like as if looking into a mirror,

suppress your impulses and copy them like monkeys...

life is short, make it what you can become rather what you will become if otherwise on autopilot...

and be thankful for all the valuable lessons and relationships that come your way

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