Thursday, July 25, 2013

are we not living in the land of the zombies

Picture Jinx kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
tell me, are we not living in the land of the zombies?

where mind, body and spirit was once a unified whole, now mind is not on the body

does the body not control the mind? does the servant not control the master?

the spirit is nowhere to be found in all this confusion...

the body is weak, the will is weaker, the mind is scattered, the spirit is forgotten...

the key lies in the mind, it needs to work for you

like a car it needs to be steered at all times, like a car it needs a destination

otherwise it will find a destination itself, maybe at the bottom of a river bed or off a cliff

the mind easily follows the body and its cravings or the evils of the mind: pride, fear, envy, selfishness to name a few

leading it to destruction, it does not stop there, the actions rewarded by short term pleasures sows impressions in your subtle and gross mind which seal your fate, maybe not only for this life but many lifetimes to come

zombies may not be so much away from truth after all, if you think about it this way..

fear that you become one or worst still stay one...

for that is the easy path, but there is a choice to be made...not once, but every single day of our lives

to pretend to live or to really live!

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