Friday, June 28, 2013

claim clarity, peace and love

Borobudur 2
Picture Borobudur 2 kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
why spend your life in ignorance of what lies within?

so sad, so unhappy, never satisfied...

even moments of happiness are but temporary, here today, gone tomorrow

where is the clarity? 

where is the peace? 

where is the love?

alas its buried under stockpiles of emotions

sucked dry by the vampires of senses

held captive caged by the ego

with forgiveness and non attachment cut at the root of the emotions

with the stakes of moderation and self restraint drive away the vampires of the senses

with humility and service unlock the cage of the ego

for only then can you claim clarity, peace and love

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

after looking inward the spirit rises

Follow the Path
Picture 'Follow The Path' kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
I reflect on the words of Master Chen Man Ching the Master of Five Excellences: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Calligraphy, Poetry, Tai Chi and Painting, and I am left speechless:

do not seek to become powerful; 
seek only to release fear from the body-mind. 
do not chase after joy; 
only breathe out your pain, your grief, your loss. 
do not ask for mastery; 
ask only to shed that which is unnatural and disharmonious. 
darkness and day follow each other. 
heavy is the root of light, stillness is the mother of movement. 
emptiness is the source of ten thousand things. 
release, breathe, shed, stand still, un-do 
let your tears fall into the earth beneath your feet 
let your sorrows sink and become your root 
what you thought was weakness will become your strength where fear has been dissolved, laughter blooms; 
after looking inward the spirit rises

I try to heed the depth of his message and I fail to put what I feel in words, my feeble attempt follows:

it's not about looking outward, but looking inward.
through the courage,
through the acceptance, 
through the humility, 
through the silence, 
through the suffering, 
through the weakness
is the natural progression of joy