Saturday, April 6, 2013

swine wearing a crown playing in mud eating filth

Spirit of Awakening
Picture Spirit of Awakening by h.koppdelaney
Most people think that a spiritual mystic is a dreamer, while the mystic know that we are caught up in a dream...why?

The mystic asks, 'what is better, a fool that pretends to know everything or being ignorant?', the mystic says 'the ignorant is better, because at least the ignorant has a chance of recognizing the truth, while the know-it all has his/her cup constantly full'

People think that the mystic is a fool 'Why on Earth would anyone spend hours on meditation in complete silence, whats the difference between that and sleep anyway, why bother with all this self restrictions and so call self discipline, is it not more fun to just enjoy life to its fullest?'

The mystic is not perturbed, the mystic knows that there is a layer of interference between us and reality, that layer is the mind, its fears, its anxiety, its ego its limited beliefs, the list goes on and on.

The mystic knows that meditation is switching off the mind, but being fully awake, it is accessing what is beyond the mind, a space beyond pain, beyond time, beyond comprehension...

The mystic cannot say anything but 'come and experience for yourself, but beware the price is dear my friend, it will cost you your self indulgence, you sensual pleasures, your selfishness, your self righteousness and your ego, which you seem so much to enjoy like swine wearing a crown playing in mud eating filth'

Did William Blake not once say that if the doors of perceptions would be cleaned, things would appear as they are...infinite?

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