Friday, April 26, 2013

a damn sweet memory!

my good friend @ work left today back to his home country...this is a quote he left which was very nice sent in his signoff email:

"Good bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be." Walt Disney

it got me thinking, we are all but travelers, life is short, you don't know when or even if you will ever have the time to say goodbye or farewell...but one thing you can do, is make it a damn sweet memory!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

let everyone have their superficial success stories, true success is something else...

Picture kindly provided by h.koppdelaney

In the past often when face with an action, intuitively sometimes consider i the opposite of the impulse, and act accordingly, i think that if i did this in my life more often, i would be in a lot better place that i am today, imagine where you would be?

mindfulness says to be present in the current moment, it says, ok accept what is there, without judgement, without wishing you were somewhere else or someone says its ok:

to feel what you are feeling...

to hear what you are hearing...

then to act out only compassion for others, and inevitably yourself...

this is normally opposite of our first impulses...which is driven by that reptilian brain of ours...opposite of how the world normally acts...

the material world does not favor this mentality, its like swimming in a tank full of sharks, the world is one of fear, one of desperation of recognition and fortune...

admittedly this is much easier said than done...

but just for a moment, if you can say, ok hang on! i really don't like the person i am becoming, even though i may benefit from this, or get that temporary pleasure of self gratification, but this pleasure is dangerous, it cements in a devious habit, which only sets in motion a groove in your mind that eventually becomes a river leading you to destruction.

ask yourself is it worth it?

i say let everyone have their so called 'superficial successes...'

true success comes from molding your character, your health, your values, your relationships...

next time think what you are going to do, and contemplate the opposite, let yourself experience the discomfort, don't judge it, don't run away from it, embrace it, then respond in kindness only....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hall of Happiness

Buddha Mind
Buddha Mind by h.koppdelaney
Just love this by TAI CHI GRAND MASTER CHEN MAN CHING, its called the Hall of Happiness, it bought tears to my face as I read it:

May the joy that is everlasting lasting gather in this hall.  Not the joy of a sumptuous feast, which slips away even as we leave the table; nor that which music brings - it is only of a limited duration.  Beauty and a pretty face are like flowers; they bloom for a while, then die.  Even our youth slips swiftly away and is gone.

No, enduring happiness is not in these....We may as well forget them, for the joy I mean is worlds away from these.  It is the joy of continuous growth, of helping ourselves and in others the talents and abilities with which we were born--the gifts of heaven to mortal men.  It is to revive the exhausted and rejuvenate that which is in decline, so that we are enabled to dispel sickness and suffering.

Let true affection and happy concourse abide in this hall. Let us here correct our past mistakes and lose preoccupation with self.  With the constancy of the planets in their courses or of the dragon in his cloud wrapped path, let us enter the land of health and ever after walk within its bounds.

Let us fortify ourselves against weakness and learn to be self reliant, without ever a moment's lapse.  Then our resolution will become the very air we breath, the world we live in; then we will be as happy as a fish in crystal waters.   This is the joy which lasts, that we can carry with us to the end of our days, if you can, what greater happiness can life bestow?

To sum up joy comes from fortifying our minds and body, returning to health, returning to spirit, bringing the gifts of Heaven to Earth by our own experience, by our own example, by our own truth...words to ponder...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

swine wearing a crown playing in mud eating filth

Spirit of Awakening
Picture Spirit of Awakening by h.koppdelaney
Most people think that a spiritual mystic is a dreamer, while the mystic know that we are caught up in a dream...why?

The mystic asks, 'what is better, a fool that pretends to know everything or being ignorant?', the mystic says 'the ignorant is better, because at least the ignorant has a chance of recognizing the truth, while the know-it all has his/her cup constantly full'

People think that the mystic is a fool 'Why on Earth would anyone spend hours on meditation in complete silence, whats the difference between that and sleep anyway, why bother with all this self restrictions and so call self discipline, is it not more fun to just enjoy life to its fullest?'

The mystic is not perturbed, the mystic knows that there is a layer of interference between us and reality, that layer is the mind, its fears, its anxiety, its ego its limited beliefs, the list goes on and on.

The mystic knows that meditation is switching off the mind, but being fully awake, it is accessing what is beyond the mind, a space beyond pain, beyond time, beyond comprehension...

The mystic cannot say anything but 'come and experience for yourself, but beware the price is dear my friend, it will cost you your self indulgence, you sensual pleasures, your selfishness, your self righteousness and your ego, which you seem so much to enjoy like swine wearing a crown playing in mud eating filth'

Did William Blake not once say that if the doors of perceptions would be cleaned, things would appear as they are...infinite?