Saturday, February 2, 2013

zen and koi nawi tazi

Buddha's Birds
Buddha's Bird by h.koppdelaney
as i was having lunch with 2 of my good friends
i asked 'so koi nawi tazi'
both of them looked at me puzzled...
laughingly i said it means in punjabi  'anything new, any fresh like chappati off the stove?'

one friend said he was going to an interview, and he has been stressing over it every day for the last couple of weeks..

i said be like the 'master archer', pretending to pull a bow aiming at a bird over two their two heads.  With a gaze that could kill, pausing for a few seconds following the movements of the bird, then letting my imaginary arrow fly, so much so that they turned to see surprised to see there was actually a target, still happily flying around, alive!

'be like the girl from the hunger games aiming for the apple in the pigs mouth..
prepare, aim, relax, focus, and then let go
the preparation did not start this week, it started years ago,
yet your aim is the now, you have to identify what the target is, what is its true essence, and what strengths you can bring to it
you have to relax, otherwise it will take away from your performance, just say what needs to be said...
finally let go, effort is in always your hands but not the results, a certain amount of detachment is required to the results, this was what the scared Hindu Text 'Bhagawan Gita' was all about - non attachment to results'

to which my other friend replied, 'yes that is so true, but why do we get so attached in the first place?'

'well maybe it is that we are always wishing, 
that we could be something else, be someone else, 
when really maybe, its best that we just be us where we are just for right now, 
when it is time to change, circumstances that enable this will automatically prevail'

my friend who was going for the job, said

'that is good advice, tell you the truth, that's how i approach most things, except when stakes are really high, but there is two things i take away from this, that we have to relaxed even when the stakes are really high, don't have any expectations though, just try your best'

'spot on' i said, as i raised up my hand for a high five, going on to say:

'we have to always trust in the bigger picture, 
a disappointment now, may or may not pave the way for a success later, 
but it is always right thing that should have happened, 
provided that we have tried our best in the first place, 
learning would have still have taken place, which would not have been possible without this'

to that i tore into my 'Tazi' hot chapati, digging into my vegetarian lunch having further great conversions with two outstanding individuals...

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