Wednesday, January 30, 2013

zen in the elevator

Spirit of Awakening
Picture Spirt of Awakening provided by h.koppdelaney
in the elevator today a colleague of mind seem quite distant,
it was twice i noticed her this way over two days...
i said to her whats the matter to which see replied somewhat of a manner,
that she was in despair of the work situation around her,
to which i replied, despair is all around us,
its natural to happen because the world is not perfect,
we are bound to be disappointed if we are attached to the world,
she said that if she does not find happiness there where shall she find it?

i thought to myself, we always seem to want to find happiness in what is temporal, changing, and in a world of basically selfish agenda...
there is no question that one should not enjoy the good things in life, but one should realize this is temporary and what the path to it is...
the path to it is in giving, in doing the right thing, in serving, in non attachment, in inner peace
this naturally attracts more goodness in all shapes and form...

i wish i could have spelt this out to her in the elevator fully,
i tried but not very successfully...
maybe the a minute of concern may have still brightened up her day
i know realization is not something that can be given in words
it can only be resonated in another person or in yourself...
it can only be kindled, however the flame of truth comes from being scorched in the world

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