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The third ritual is to always do what is right..

Zen Walk
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It is said that a man cannot stand firm walking on tippy toes.

A truthful moral life is the basis for all spirituality.

Quoting a previous blog post

as you scramble to cover your back
what truths do you bury?
as you profit from the suffering of others
what inner conscious do you drown?
why cry when suffering comes?
when you laughed when planting the seed
the short term result is temporary and gratifying
the long term is permanent and mortifying

How can our peace of mind, ever be at the expense of another?

No doubt the easy path is the one that gives us instant gratification, but at what cost? one must ask oneself...

The easy path is of sugar coated poisons, tasting sweet, killing you slowly, robbing you of real enduring happiness in the long run.  Its easy to do the wrong thing, when no-one is watching, or that we can get away with it, but the law of Karma is nothing but precise, there is an old saying that:

The wheels of karma grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine

Quoting Counterfeit pleasures blog:

what do you live for?
is it money? is it power? is it pride?

what does this cost you? and is it worth the price of your soul?
these are nothing but counterfeit,
gone are the days,
when you knew all these were nothing but shallow shells,
compared to the joy of love, meditation & discipline
tell me, is it not folly to exchange real notes with counterfeit ones?

where was this lost? when was this lost? why was this lost?
you lost it when you left the company of the spirit and took company of the mind and its counterfeit pleasures...

We see that these pleasures are cheap imitations of the joy of some deeper joys.

Is one happier to receive something or to give something?
Is one happier being distracted with thousands of different things, or fully engaged in the simplicity of the current moment?  
Is one happier with the reins of the mind held tightly or be lost in the world of addictions with no control?

The mind is a good servant but an dreadful master, much like a a car,  it is useful only until you have a destination, only when you have someone steering it and keeping the car is in running condition.  

What happens if you don't have a destination, you let go of the steering wheel, you forget to maintain the car?

Not having purpose equates to an empty mind, a playground for the devil.
Not steering the wheel equates to not being able to make the fine adjustments in your daily life to avoid a pot hole, a red light or a head on collision.
Not looking after your body leads to ill health which leads to an agitated mind

There is evil, that you cannot imagine in the world from illegal activities to more sanitized forms of corruption and manipulation, and it comes from negative programming, lack of self control,  lack of self discipline.

The question you have to ask is where will you draw the line and how far do you allow yourself to be stray away from it.

The line is the line of true happiness, for negative acts result in nothing but sorrow in the long run, positive acts result in nothing but enduring joy.

Doing the right thing is not limiting, it is freeing...

By doing the right thing you stand up with confidence, 
that nothing can be held against you, a thousand pounds of lies cannot weigh more than against a single ounce of truth.
By doing the right thing, you protect yourself from dangers of the consequences that will boomerang round and hit you in the head one day
By doing the right thing, it frees your spirit, to let it express itself in the world without worry of any repurcussions...

To establish this as a ritual, spend some time daily to reflect on your actions:

Ask yourself are your actions is taking you away from the truth, or towards it?
Ask yourself whether you are harming anyone as a results of your actions? make amends...
Contemplate on the opposite positive emotion to the negative emotion that led to this action: 
from anger turn to forgiveness;
from selfishness to generosity; 
from pride to humility....

Its ok if you don't meet your own expectations, knowing that you have wronged itself, itself is a big first step to any improvement, everyone falls initially, but fall forward towards where you want to go, this itself is a hardwiring process of establishing new positive habits.

Once you establish the basis of doing the right things, and catching yourself straying from the line, and getting your hands back on the steering wheel, you may find it important to take the next ritual...that of looking after the car of the body to make sure it is running well...

Read about the 2nd Ritual here...

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