Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life of Pi - Movie Review

i watched life of Pi, with my son yesterday,
we both enjoyed it very much

when i asked my son what he liked about the movie,
he said he found it pretty amazing that Pi was able to befriend the ferocious tiger,
on a boat, with no food, no water and end up not being eaten alive,
and how this changed, once he changed his attitude towards the tiger

i said in return, see what a little bit of love and compassion can do...
you can achieve anything in life if you approach it without fear or hostility, with love;
despite Pi losing everything including his family, 
facing almost certain death...
he was able to turn things around by having faith and doing the right thing,
and grace was not held from him...

this is not too different to our lives
we are all on a boat,
we have immense challenges,
however we can choose, how we want to live our lives
death is inevitable in the end
but we can choose what sort of person we want to die

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