Saturday, December 29, 2012

a spiritual expresso...

Buddha Moon - Buddha Stones
Picture Buddha Moon - Buddha Stones kindly provided by h.koppdelaney

 William Blake once wrote 'If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man (woman) as it is, infinite.' 

 What if there were no doors of perception in the first place? 
what if we could experience things with no filters, no judgement, no fear?

is this not what Zen is all about?
experiencing things as they are, getting out of your own way...

at this worldly level its about
being in the present, 
being non judgmental, 
embracing the current moment good or bad, 
being compassionate to all living things...
sort of like a spiritual latte...

on a deeper level, it is about meditation, 
shutting off our day to day mode of perceptions,
 experiencing reality directly, with no filters at all, 
with none of our physical sensory layers, 
emptying the mind of all thoughts,
where me, you, time have no meaning, 
where a glimpse of the infinite is possible...
sort of like a spiritual expresso...

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