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The second ritual is to meditate daily

Picture Buddha Sprit kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
The second ritual is to meditate daily. My mentor once said, you don't meditate because you have to, you meditate because you draw strength from it.

Quoting space4zen blog strength lies within:
in the absence of yourself,
in the absence of the world,
in the absence of time,
in the absence of thought,
one finds peace,
one finds strength,
like diving into a deep reservoir,
only the water does not drown you,
rather it nourishes you
leaving you stronger when you come out,
ready to take on whatever the world will throw at you,
with a smile, with humility, with joy,
for one knows that all is temporary,
all that is going to happen, has already happened
all that is required is an effort to do what is right, what is just, what is out of love
see the strength lies within,
but only regular deep dives are required to gain it
just keep steady in your faith, 
in your compassion, 
and in your discipline

Meditation replenishes you, it gives true peace to the mind and releases the valves off the emotional pressure cooker.  It is a wonder that such a gift is present within us, and yet many of us don't even know it.

Meditation however is just like any other skill that needs to be learnt, it is not something that you can master overnight, in fact it is so simple, yet so impossible to do at the same time, but it is not foreign to us.  See we use the mind every day, but our use is much like a water spray gun, where in meditation the mind is used more like a rifle. 

The problem with us, is that we cannot stay still long enough, forget about the mind staying still, even staying still physically is a problem for most people.  When we are sitting, we want to get up, when we are standing up, we want to sit down, when we lie down we want to get up, when we are talking to someone, we are somewhere else...Is this how we are really meant to function?

Meditation is basically a direction of attention, and keeping it there through a technique of some sort.  All meditation techniques have a focusing mechanism, where they bring the mind back to a focal point in some manner, once the mind attention centers, the mind disappears, and what is left, is not of the mind but beyond it.

Training in meditation, in effect trains the mind to listen to your most subtle whispers of positive intentions, guiding the mind with golden silk threads attached to the spirit , moving it to the rhythm of love, compassion and truth, planting seeds of nothing, but good karma along the way...Nothing but joy, resilience, and goodness comes from meditation, it is an endeavor that all humans can do, and should do, for their own peace of mind.

The only difference with us and those who can meditate, is that those who can meditate have trained their mind to listen.  There is an old Sikh saying from the Guru Granth Sahib, which says that a person who has mastered the mind has mastered the universe...

There are many forms of meditation, one should try to find a suitable teacher for instruction, as it is difficult to learn anything particularly well, without proper guidance and instructions.  Our ignorance and our pride usually stops us from seeking proper guidance in the first place.  There much to say about to having a beginner mind attitude to learn anything new.

As most people are not used to meditating, that the easiest path to start may be with a moving meditation, based on Yoga or Qi Gong/Tai Chi, these are great preparation for more stiller forms of meditation, and many accessible teachers should be available.  Try to find the one who bring the mental and spiritual aspects into play when doing Yoga.  Qi Gong does not work without this mental aspect, all great Qi Gong teachers will teach this, as focusing the mind, directs Chi.  Qi Gong is a very accessible way to start meditation, and also very complimentary to stiller forms of meditation.

Also the practice of mindfulness is a great way to begin meditation, which also develops a great attitude to life.  Jon Kabat Zinn has got some fantastic books on the subject.  The Art of Living also offers some great breathing based meditation techniques which are apparently quite life changing, and offers a great positive company of people to associate with.  The resources section of space4zen, has other links too, to look at, find the one that resonates with you.

Establish a daily 30 minute ritual based on a meditation technique of your choice that you have learnt under guidance.  Keep a daily routine, do it at least once a day, the more you do it the more calmer you will be, the more clearer your mind will be, the more happier you will be.

Meditation only goes so far though, because meditation requires your mind to relax and still naturally, it is difficult to do this, if you are always worried about being caught out. So meditation is based on a solid base of moral conduct and non-violence which leads to the next daily ritual, of always contemplating if what you are doing is what is right.

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