Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The first ritual, keep company of the enlightened ones

Picture 'Terton' kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
Quoting space4zen blog 'The lion that thought it was a sheep', it tells a story of of a lion cub who lost his way and forgot his real nature.  Its interesting that the common theme of amnesia pops up many time in story lines and movies, its almost that we know we have forgotten, and the plot resonates with us.

There once was a lion cub which was lost, and found some sheep.   The sheep raised the lion as one of them.  The lion forgot that it was a lion, and acted just like the sheep, until one day another lion came about.  The other lion said to "sheep lion", what are you doing?  You are just like me. 

The "sheep lion" was afraid, and tried to run away.  The lion did not give up, and followed, he got hold of the sheep lion and said, ok, "lets look at our reflections in the pool of water on the other side of hukamba mountain", after that I will let you be.

The sheep lion agreed to leave the comfort of his current reality.  As they walked the Lion talked about their heritage, their ancestors, their strengths and their struggles, and their war with the Hyenas.  The sheep lion was inspired, and by the time they got to the water, the sheep lion was afraid no more.

They stood next to each other.  The sheep lion looked in the pool of water, and saw the resemblance to the other lion, they looked almost identical.  The other lion told him to drink the water, as the sheep lion drank the water, he flashed back 25 years ago, where he was in the exact same spot with the same lion next to him, only he was a cub. 

He remember the lion saying "Son, I love you very much, we are very proud of you, always know that you are the king of the Jungle, don't ever forget that".  As this was happening, the lake was being ambushed by a bunch of hyenas.  Dad caught hold of me and flug me across into the water on the other side of the lake, then raced towards the advancing hyenas.   I remember being scared, running frantically until I found a place to rest.  When I woke up I was scared, and terrified, and did not know where I was, the sheeps found me and looked after me, slowly I forgot about my heritage"

He turned around and looked at his dad, tears wept down his cheeks, as he embraced him and said "Dad, I am so sorry I forgot, I just got too distracted, I got too comfortable, I got too lazy". Dad replied "I am just glad to have you back Son, you do will now value the Gift of being a Lion, as you are able to know what a lion is not, most Lions take this for granted, this is a valuable lesson, it will make you the best King there ever was". 

Both lions went to the top of Mount Hakambu, and roared.  The whole jungle shook with fear, as they knew that a new King had arrived.

Just like the father lion was able to remind his son of his heritage, the enlightened ones know that they are but living in a world of dreams and reality is something else while for us, we think that they are the dreamers.  They however have lifted the veils of this creation through raising their consciousness,  and have peaked at the truth, and they know that nothing compares to it.  Having this experience, they are in a position to lead others.  Having this experience, they know that the ego is nothing but a temporary facade, only a means to an end on this worldly plane, and have quenched their worldly desires.

We their keep their company, we watch them, to learn from them, to be reminded by them.  Their words and behaviors stick in your mind, and they ring like bells in your mind even as years go by.

They enact out humility, service, love, compassion, sobriety, simplicity, moral conduct, discipline and meditation.  Watching them you feel inspired, you feel a sense of awe, that how come a person who has no ego, can be so radiant, so loving, so compassionate.

But I say that this is actually nothing other than the real you, when you look at their faces, you look into a mirror of your pasta distant faint memory of what one was, and what can be again,  reminded of your original true natureforgotten long ago... forgotten by following the madness of the world.

The enlightened ones have a unique insight into the mysteries of the mind, they view the mind as nothing more than another layer, to be used, to survive in this worldly world sort of like an astronaut needs his space suit to survive in space.  They however make their minds work for them, and are not slaves to their mind, but masters of it.  How to they do this? one must it even possible?

They say that the secret is just in the attention, controlling the attention is controlling the mind.  The mind is engaged in a meditation technique or it is totally engaged in the current moment, not allowed to wander...their mind are like laser guided missiles with clear intention and clear purpose, guiding it at all times.  The mastery comes through extended practice of meditation, which is nothing more than a direction of attention and keeping it there.

To incorporate this as a ritual, identify your positive role models, what behaviors you want to model, and set aside a time daily to read, reflect or research on them daily.  With your mind you can be anywhere you want to be, however some physical presence cannot be never replaced and is fundamental.  Plan ahead weekly, monthly, yearly to meet them or people who like to do the same.

 This leads to the 2nd Ritual which is of meditation.

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