Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the 7 rituals of highly spiritual people

Picture 'Buddha' kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
Let me  just start by saying that everyone is but spiritual only, its just a case of remembering it and letting this spiritual shine through in our daily lives through our actions.

There is a saying that we are not human being trying to have a spiritual experience we are but spiritual beings having a human experience.

The question arises if we are spiritual beings, why does the most of the world don't show it? 

Quoting space4zen 'Counterfeit Pleasures' blog post:
where was this lost? when was this lost? why was this lost?
you lost it when you left the company of the spirit and took company of the mind and its counterfeit pleasures...

The world is caught in a tail spin of chasing counterfeit pleasures (probably because of much media and peer modeling), covering it with the dark clouds of confusion,  dulling our natural insight, drowning our inner golden compass of the conscience.  

Quoting space4zen 'Scribe in Stone, the person you will become' blog post:
as you scramble to cover your back
what truths do you bury?
as you profit from the suffering of others
what inner conscious do you drown?
why cry when suffering comes?
when you laughed when planting the seed
the short term result is temporary and gratifying
the long term is permanent and mortifying
see the actions that you take
scribe in stone, the person you will become...
no-one escapes the ramifications of their negative intent, emotions and actions...

We see that we make ourselves, through dwelling on certain thoughts, letting these fuel our emotions, and then enacting this out, we are in fact writing out the programs that will take controls of our lives leading us to either misery or happiness, depending on the quality of the seeding thoughts, fueling emotions and concreting actions.

In the Sikh region, it says that we are either 'manmukhs' or 'gurumukh', that is we are followers of the mind or we are followers of the guru.  That is we follow the whims or our minds ('man'/mind much/follow) or we follow the example of self discipline set by those who themselves have gotten control over their minds (guru 'mukh'/follow)

Thus the first ritual is to keep those positive role models in front of us...
so their positive influence can rub off on ourselves, 
so that we are inspired to make a change and keep on making a change in ourselves,
so that we have someone to model ourselves on,

More on the first ritual in my next post...

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