Wednesday, October 10, 2012

draw the weapons of love, meditation and discipline

Buddha in my Mind - B3
Picture Buddha In My Mind kindly provided by h.koppdelaney

out of my frustration, I ask myself, when will this pain end, when will things settle, will it ever be better?
then I realize that this worry only adds to what is there...
what is there is there because of Karma, a concoction of events leading up to here and now that could have never been any other way....
now the ball is on my court, but the circumstances are not, I have to play within the circumstances of the conditions that I have in front of me
my weapons that I draw, are not those of anger, revenge and despair
instead I draw the weapons of love, meditation and discipline
the rest I leave to fate, be it last, but not the least of the weapons,
the weapon of acceptance of what is and what will be despite all of my efforts and my limited perceptions
what will be, will be the best in the long run

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