Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Animation of the shell...

In the Beginning there is Fog
Picture "In the Beginning there is Fog" kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
pondering on this question of life and karma,
while I was on the metro coming home today

delayed with multiple stops, I had some time to think through this difficult problem
it seems logical that there is a source of intelligence

that is required for life to exist
maybe think of this as electricity
its the same electricity in every house
however it animates different things

now imagine these things as mental and physical shells of impressions
created by your own actions, some call it karma or  neural pathways at a physical level
the shell itself is meaningless and cannot exist without this intelligent force
however without the shell itself, the intelligent force is all the same and cannot be differentiated
the shell evolves through our own actions, fueled and animated by the intelligent force

what is real then? the shell or the intelligent force?
what is a dream then? the physical, or the spiritual?
my stop soon arrived, but I had to blog about it...
what seems real, is temporary, what seems like a dream, is well, something else...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A lost man's prayer

pray first that I know I am lost,
then to find someone who knows
and finally to have faith to follow...

Monday, June 25, 2012

The fall of the monkey master

5/30/2011 (266/365) - Humpty Dumpty
Picture "Humpty Dumpty" kindly provided
by Fire At Will Photography
I was very inspired by this article Gene Sharp: A dictator's worst nightmare.  Its very interesting that the principles of non-violent non-cooperation can be used to overthrow dictatorships.  Non-violence forms the part of the first of the eight fold path in Yoga - "Yama" observation of Universal Morality.

The book "From Dictatorship to Democracy" is freely available online and makes a very interesting read, and truly shows that the power of the pen is truly mightier than the power of the swordHere is a gem of a story from the book:

In the feudal state of Chu an old man survived by keeping
monkeys in his service.  The people of Chu called him “ju
gong” (monkey master).
Each morning, the old man would assemble the monkeys
in his courtyard, and order the eldest one to lead the others
to the mountains to gather fruits from bushes and trees.
It was the rule that each monkey had to give one-tenth of
his collection to the old man.  Those who failed to do so
would be ruthlessly flogged.  All the monkeys suffered
bitterly, but dared not complain.

One day, a small monkey asked the other monkeys: “Did 
the old man plant all the fruit trees and bushes?”  The others said:  “No, they grew naturally.”  The small monkey 
further asked:  “Can’t we take the fruits without the old 
man’s permission?”  The others replied:  “Yes, we all can.”  
The small monkey continued:  “Then, why should we depend on the old man; why must we all serve him?”
Before the small monkey was able to finish his statement, 
all the monkeys suddenly became enlightened and awakened.
On the same night, watching that the old man had fallen 
asleep, the monkeys tore down all the barricades of the 
stockade in which they were confined, and destroyed the 
stockade entirely.  They also took the fruits the old man had 
in storage, brought all with them to the woods, and never 
returned.  The old man finally died of starvation.
Yu-li-zi says, “Some men in the world rule their people by 
tricks and not by righteous principles.  Aren’t they just like 
the monkey master?  They are not aware of their muddleheadedness.  As soon as their people become enlightened, their tricks no longer work.”

Saturday, June 23, 2012

the summit is only the start

the summit is only the start of the next transformation, 
before that reflect what you have learnt, 
by traversing back down the mountain...

Friday, June 8, 2012

i pray for the return

Spirit + Nature
Picture "Spirit + Nature" kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
I pray for peace, I pray for compassion;
I pray for sense and judgement of right and wrong; 
the mind runs around like like a rogue elephant, trampling everything in its path;
does sorrow not follow a lack of mindfulness, like a cart follows a horse
alas I pray for the return;
return of conscience... return of reflection... 
return of sanity... return of peace... return of compassion...