Thursday, April 5, 2012

Outliers, The Story of Sucess

Picture "Outliers" kindly provided by Frank Gruber
Just finished reading Outliers, The Story of Sucess, I loved the book!

What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates & the Beatles have in common? 10000 hours of pure unadultered hard work perfecting their craft...just one of the interesting facts in the book...He goes to show that low income family kids can perform just as well as high income family kids, purely by putting more hours in...The link between mathematics and rice paddies, the link between plane crashes and culture...Facinating!

Sucess is not neccessarily determined by high IQ, only enough IQ is required, beyond that it does not matter so much.  Furthermore sucess depends on a combination of many other factors some examples include: circumstance, culture, social class, upbringing and role models.  One can even say right place, right time...To me it make sense, it ties nicely to the concept of are a product of the circumstances you find yourself in, those around you, and your inherit mental tedencies, that you are born with.

Malcom Gladwell is a master storyteller, weaving intricate interesting tales, facts together to provide a fancinating read...I loved the book, definately going to read more of his stuff...A great example of great writing...

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