Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kanso (簡素) - Simplicity

Danbo, llegó la primavera.
Amazing picture "Danbo, llegó la primavera." by Vvillamon
Albert Einstein once said "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler." 

Why should we consider simplicity, after all when the adrenaline rush of having many pursuits can be so thrilling.  Exciting as it may be, there is nothing more frustrating that being pulled into multiple is the most difficult thing to handle...imagine a horse with a chain tied to each hand and limb and pulling in different directions...then imagine each wayward thought, as a horse pulling in opposite directions in the mind, there is only so much one can take mentally and emotionally.

More work, more income, more entertainment, more sensual pleasures, there is never an end to more...your peace of mind ends up being sacrificed at the altar.

Simple, however is beautiful, its elegant, it is conserves vital focus and brings about clarity, this naturally leads to happiness...

I found in my life, when I have tried to do too much, taking on too much risk, trying to gain too much in too little time, I never end up accomplishing anything more substantial in the long run, in fact I end up more confused, more scattered...

On the other hand simplicity leads to much better performance on the task at hand...the focused effort of doing a great piece of work, delivering a difficult project at work, a great piece of writing or speech; or taking time out for precious moments with someone you love; or maybe just losing yourself in the serenity of silence...are moments of absolute bliss...

There was a study done by Harvard (one of my past posts), which polled volunteers randomly via an IPhone app.  The research revealed it did not matter what was being done, but what the state of mind of the person was at the time, in particularly it was an un-wandering mind that was the biggest contributor to happiness...

Could happiness be that simple to be just in the current moment, whatever the task at hand...

Simplicity is profound, its refined, its liberating..."Simplicity is complexity resolved"  said Constantin Brancusi the Romanian Minimalist sculptor.  The keys to deeper chambers of the soul are unlocked with simplicity...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tweet - Melodies

melodies console, nourish and carry you to a place of truth...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tweet - Diversity of thought

Kikuyu woman in traditional costume (posing for tourists)
Picture "Kikuyu Woman In Traditional Costume" kindly provided by angela7dreams
Why make people conform to be the same, rather make the differences count...

Tweet - The sweetest response to your critics

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups
Picture "Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups" kindly provided by  qthomasbower
 sometimes the sweetest response to your critics not a slap, but a gift of your own brilliance...

World of Overload

I am Seeking Balance: Yin/Yang
Picture "I am seeking balance: Yin/Yang" kindly provided by BossBob50 - gone fishin'
In the world of sensory and information overload, do we really think we can get a glimpse of the truth?

The Little Moments

Child's Hands Holding White Rose for Peace Free Creative Commons
Picture kindly provided by D Sharon Pruitt/Pink Sherbet Photography

The little moments are not so little in the end...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Outliers, The Story of Sucess

Picture "Outliers" kindly provided by Frank Gruber
Just finished reading Outliers, The Story of Sucess, I loved the book!

What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates & the Beatles have in common? 10000 hours of pure unadultered hard work perfecting their craft...just one of the interesting facts in the book...He goes to show that low income family kids can perform just as well as high income family kids, purely by putting more hours in...The link between mathematics and rice paddies, the link between plane crashes and culture...Facinating!

Sucess is not neccessarily determined by high IQ, only enough IQ is required, beyond that it does not matter so much.  Furthermore sucess depends on a combination of many other factors some examples include: circumstance, culture, social class, upbringing and role models.  One can even say right place, right time...To me it make sense, it ties nicely to the concept of are a product of the circumstances you find yourself in, those around you, and your inherit mental tedencies, that you are born with.

Malcom Gladwell is a master storyteller, weaving intricate interesting tales, facts together to provide a fancinating read...I loved the book, definately going to read more of his stuff...A great example of great writing...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Missed phone call from God...

Picture kindly provided by  ChasM3
My wife got a missed phone called today...from God! She called me...and said "look at this, I got a call from God"...I said, "Really, show me!", trying my best to keep a straight face...

Minutes earlier, I had changed my contact name on her phone to God, and then made my way to the rest room to deliver my careful planned prank...I thought I blew it, because she has a "scary haunting tone" that rings when I ring her, she says its to warn her because the "scary man" is ringing :) as soon as I heard this I hung up after the first ring, and because I was home, it did not occur to her straight away it could have been me...

It did not take long for her to catch on though, but the few seconds of confusion and humor was something I enjoyed very much, its hard for me to catch my wife out...she is too sharp :), victory was mine today though...:)

Afterwards I thought, it was very ironic...even if we got a call from God...we would not have time for it...such is the pace of life and the distortion all around us and in us...

Happy April Fools Day