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Zen, Zombies & Karma - ZZK Chapter 2

Holy Swan
Picture "Holy Swan" kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
Zen Mindfulness and Karma
Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them..Albert Einstein

Now that we understand what Karma is its important to know that we are not our Karma’s, our true nature is actually beyond this, untouchable by these Karmas, the soul as such has no Karma, however, it takes on the layer of the mind to exist on this plane which has memory of these Karma's.  The mind is the layer of machinery that makes all this play of universe happen, govern by laws of the universe, everything is dynamic observing these laws.

Imagine if you could find a way to do something about these Karmas, so that you are not flung around like a rag doll in the waves of the Karmas that come out of the Ocean of your stored Karmas.  Imagine if you could plant more positive Karma’s that lead to joy.

If we know that these karma’s are coming from a mental layer, then to negate them we must act from an awareness that is beyond the mental layer...that means, we must act from a deeper foundation beyond the automatic response and limited mental frame of references that we have.

We must be able to build sufficient awareness through our daily discipline of meditation to be in tune to our higher self...
We must be able to put those temporary pauses in our daily action, to allow us to contemplate what is happening with our deeper self...
We must be able to act with conviction from the sensitivity that we build through our daily discipline of meditation, and be totally congruent with our higher self...

Now dealing with Karma, is not an easy thing to do, thankfully all that we need to deal with it are within us already, and that is our soul force or awareness through meditation and mindfulness.

Using mindfulness to dance with our Karmas
We are all bound by our Karmas, it is the basis of all animating life the question really becomes how well do we really handle our Karmas.  One can handle Karma only by activating the higher faculties of the soul and mind, so that in flight Karma are managed, stored Karma’s are burned away, and only beneficial Karmas is sowed for the future.  One does this by a daily disciple of Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, and Qi Gong.  Whats common to all of this is Mindfulness, in fact none of the meditation techniques indicated actually work without Mindfulness.

What is mindfulness? As the simplest level, mindfulness is a matter of looking things as they are suspending judgment and thinking of any kind, be it temporary, however with all the attention and compassion we can give to it. Some would say it is the lamp of the awareness itself from the soul that is a “witness” to everything that is happening.

It involves non-doing or being, something that may be strange to the western world, how can the mind not being doing anything, this is where there the distinction of thinking and awareness comes in.  Thinking is not awareness, and awareness does not necessarily imply thinking, one could say that thinking is born out of the quality of awareness that is present.

From the wonderful book “Meditation an Indepth Guide” Gawler and Bedford make several interesting observations on awareness.  They say that awareness is still, unchanging, unattached, it is always in the present, it is receptive and formless.  Thoughts on the other hand, has to use imagination or memory to conjure up internal images, sounds, and feelings and is a dynamic and changing in nature, while awareness is still and unchanging, thinking is frequently judgmental, while awareness has the capacity to observe what is happening in this current moment.

If you notice babies, their thinking facilities are not developed yet, but their awareness is evident, I often find it very relaxing to watch a baby stare, breathe, play, sleep, it shows natural awareness in action working with minimal use of thinking, very beautiful to watch.  Some of our most beautiful moments we feel in life, are actually when we have no thoughts, it just is what it is, we lose ourself in the beauty of it all, be it a beautiful sunset, a beautiful song, the  arms of a lover, holding a child in our arms...It is blissful, tender, almost feels infinite...time and space is forgotten.

Mindfulness is the skillful use of awareness in daily routine to be able to dance with our Karmas.  Zen is awareness or mindfulness in action, a state of “FLOW” or Samadhi, where thinking comes out as waves from bigger ocean, rather than a pond.

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