Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zen @ Starbucks

Good Night Buddha
Picture "Good Night Buddha" kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
I bumped into my yoga instructor today while I was getting a coffee from Starbucks, it was good to see E, a kind hearted brilliant yoga instructor, and a friend. We sat down for a coffee, somehow people you meant to talk to just turn up sometimes…I thought I would capture some of my words that happen in this short space of time…

“You, me everyone in this café, we all have the same potential, because we all have the same soul…you can say it is the energizer battery in us, only it is immortal, intelligent, compassionate…now what’s the difference between the people in the room then…is that some of us, work hard to get our negative habits out of the way.   The process never really ends, because once you say that you are done, you are complacent again...

There is a few ways to do it, one is to replace it with positive habits that give more long term internal satisfaction, contemplating on opposing positive attitudes, cultivating stillness of mind, like a wise Tibetan teacher once said, that if you let the mind settle down into stillness, the deluge gets settled at the bottom, and the mind like the water on top gets clear and can be poured out into a clear glass.

People don’t realize the that consistent training using simple basic techniques like holding discomfort of body, staying present with it, softening to it has a direct link to being able to do it in uncomfortable situations at home, at work…this would have saved me much heartbreak in the past…but hey that’s in the past…what matters is now…and the training that we can instill in our self in the training ground of our own intimate self that matters…”

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