Monday, December 26, 2011

Qi Gong

Imagine a knot, tie it many times over, until you cannot tie it any imagine what this is like to undo...well the same thing happens with our minds, emotions & bodies...many years go by, closed body postures, poor working conditions, stressful situations, you can imagine what can happen to you...imagine what happens to the subtle electrical currents that need to move in these layers...

I love this video, it is really something else, it started me on the Qi Gong journey, I only stumbled on it by chance personally...Qi Gong allows you to unclog those subtle energy pathways, gather and recharge Qi/Prana from nature...

I highly recommended Qi is two links I brought across from my old blog, the first was some basic pillars of Qi Gong, the second is one of the most popular Form "The 8 brocades"...


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  2. Thanks wacks I am glad you enjoyed it do you do qi gong yourself?

  3. Hi kirpal...nice blog.keep it up..thanks for sharing..have a good one!

    1. thanks for the encouragement "music and meditation"! and visiting my humble site...