Monday, November 21, 2011

Creating Space for Zen...

The logo I designed has got the number 4 behind the Space & Zen in Roman Numerals

What better way to start a new post for a new blog, than about the blog itself...The inspiration for the name of the blog comes from really nice quote I read in a book by Gawler & Bedford,  where they described meditation as simply "creating space for grace", this resonated strongly with me.  Struggling with meditation for a long time myself, I know you can't force meditation, nor can you force love, kindness, presence of mind, happiness and even sleep, you can simply make space for it to happen naturally.

"Water, if you don't stir it, becomes clear, says a Tibetan proverb. Similarly, the mind, if you don't stir it, finds peace" ~ Sogyal Rinpoche, likewise with our endless thirst to be everywhere except where we are, agitates our minds so much that we can never enjoy the preciousness of the current moment...

"When we stop trying to force pleasant feelings, they are freer to emerge on their own.
When we top trying to resist unpleasant feelings we may find that they can drift away by themselves
When we stop trying to make something happen, a whole world of fresh and unanticipated experiences may become accessible to us" ~ The Mindful Way Through Depression

Instead of using "Space for Grace" I used "Space for Zen" , because Zen encapsulates so much more personally, it implies meditation, it implies mindfulness, it implies direct experience, it implies simplicity, it implies poetry and unsolvable puzzles, it implies there is much more than what can be expressed by words.

Creating a space for Zen then for me a deeply spiritual statement because I believe we are deeply spiritual beings with infinite innate potential. The sad state of the world today requires us to be able to connect to this potential and bring it out so that we can get through in life with joy and peace of mind amongst the chaos, as well as being able to offer this to the world around us through our own very example...

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