Thursday, October 13, 2011


This is a beautiful video by Master Li.  Although he talks about Sheng Zhen Qi Gong specifically, one can include any form of Yoga & Meditation into this category.  What we are no-one can know with everyday consciousness , one who knows, knows the folly of trying to explain what we truly are...Qi Gong and Yoga helps unlock our potential, leading us down the path of self discovery of our own awareness and potential preparing a fertile ground for meditation and the exploration of consciousness to take place.

In today's extremely stressful environment one needs several  "legs" of a table to be able to live a meaningful life, have meaningful relationships, do meaningful work, have meaningful insights.  Master  Li's Sheng Zhen has been a wonderful gift to me, complementing my other personal practices all of which I treasure.    Particularly powerful they are because, they distill the essence of timing, breathing, mindfulness and life force itself (Qi/Prana)...they create a space of expansiveness, opening up the heart, and clearing up the blocks  in the mind or body.  Some would call it dissolution of karma...

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