Friday, October 14, 2011


Just got this book "Meditation An In-Depth Guide" from Georgetown Library, they really have some fantastic books there. The authors are referencing places in Australia that I am very familiar with! Blue Mountain, Glebe, Melbourne...It makes me kind of homesick, but hey you never know where life takes you, and what you end up doing. That's the beauty of it all, wait for them waves, when they comes ride them like there is no tomorrow, if you get dunked relax, don't panic, move out of it, go out and ride another one!

Here's is a beautiful poetic verse from the first chapter of the book where Paul Bedson tells his story, it resonated so strongly with me that I had to read this many many times over, here it is:

Looking back, I see the path that has unfold on this meditation journey, the path that has brought me to this place, here today. My journey was navigated by the compass of grace, the guidance of many valued teachers and the good fortune to have listened to the "still, small voice" inside my heart --the voice of Spirit. This meditation journey has revealed an intimate love affair with the life within me, outside of me, and beyond, into the silent, nameless realms of awe and mystery. Like whispers echoing from a silent core.

Meditation has given me a deep reverence for the Divine, as it reveals itself in this ordinary life that we share. It has been a humbling process, learning to let go, learning when to trust and when to wait and see. Learning what I do not know, what I cannot know, and what I do not need to know. Basically how to "mind my own business"

And it has been an empowering process:learning that I have direct access to the source of creativity and goodness that sustains all life. I have learned that we are all One, that we are all connected, and therefore, my choices, my words and my deeds, my being, has an impact on all beings. This life does matter; I am important and special.

And you are important and special, and you can make a difference in your life, by paying attention to your choices, words, deeds, and your very being to impact yourself and all around you...

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