Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Picture "Candles" kindly provided by Adam Tinworth

Diwali is the festival of light, I really think  of it as a festival celebrating enlightenment...

What is enlightenment but a rediscovery of our own light, a remembrance of the divinity that we hold inside of us, something so precious, something we have long forgotten, the silent inner flame lives, because without it we would not be alive, thirsting for that chance, waiting patiently to vanquish the darkness and emptiness of our own minds, our own ignorance, our own lives...

May the light that is in our hearts shine so bright that it can be seen from space, may this light touch the wick in others through examples of our own compassion, through our own faith, through our own discipline.

Slowly but surely, the power of our own intrinsic goodness will come out benefiting us and all around us...and for this for me is the true meaning of Diwali.

Wishing my dear readers, a enlightening Diwali...


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