Monday, October 10, 2011


I had the good fortune of learning the "Awaking the Soul" Qi Gong Form (above) from Master Li as well as hearing him speak on some important world issues recently.  It took everyone by surprise watching him jump onto the almost waist height table with the agility of a cat.  Master Li turned 73 in the same week!

The following is my recollection of Master Li's talk and discussion (in italics) based on my understanding:

Master Li indicated that the world is going through a difficult transition period at the moment, people are very stressed, people are overloaded with information, people have too many desires.  All this results in a majority of people being very unhappy (and very unwell), even if they have outwardly comforts

Just look at the pills people pop these days, its almost like a small meal 3 times a day!, "having endless desires" is the worst curse one can put oneself through, I feel. Just imagine yourself as a "Chinese Hungry Ghost" which has a huge belly and a tiny mouth!  There is almost 7 billion people on Earth today, if you take half this amount all having unquenchable desires, how long will it take to deplete Earth's natural resources? It may be just only enough to sustain the planet as it is.  Lets play "Spot the Hungry Ghost" it an individual, be it a corporation, be it a country, tell me how many you find?...There is a cree prophecy that says "Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money cannot be eaten"

Master Li  drew a comparison to the planet Earth and Human Beings, he indicated that if one just has one physical ailment in the human body, it affects the whole person, similarly affecting just one part of planet Earth has implications for the whole planet. 

I asked Master Li, what is the difference between Yoga, Pranayama and Qi Gong, he replied once you start working at an energy level, it is all just Qi Gong...

Master Li shared the "Awakening the Soul" form, this was the Form which Master Li used to "give birth" to all the other wonderful forms through the insights achieved from this Form. Pamela Tantan kindly gave me the following clarifications: "The system is called Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong or ... Sheng Zhen...the foundation of the system is Zhongtian Yiqi Meditation. Awakening the Soul is a form that came a little later. It was the meditation that Master Li says really opened him up to receive the (many other beautiful) forms."

Awakening the Soul is a very powerful Qi Gong Form, capable of generating a massive amount of Qi. Master Li says moving Qi Gong circulates the Qi, where as stillness increases and stores Qi in the body, calms the nerves down, gives one peace and opens up the heart...Meditation is what the world needs today to negate society's negative habits going rampant without control like a wild elephant in a flower garden!

Whats wonderful about Master Li's Qi Gong Forms are the powerful visualizations that go with them.  The Awakening the Soul visualizations are:
1. Opening the heart
2. Love descends on me
3. Unraveling the heart
4. Suddenly lifting the veil
5. Hold heaven grounded on Earth
6. Free oneself to become a saint
7. Walk to the center of Heaven
8. Return to the origin

The poetry in the video is out of this world, although it only goes to movement 5, the video is a piece of art itself., you can pick up the last moments from other videos, however its never quite the same to learn first hand.  In this case the video captures very vivid imagery.

I hope everyone gets a chance to have a workshop with Master Li in Shen Zhen Qi Gong one day, his perfection of technique, is only surpassed by the generosity of his heart, always showing humility, kindness, compassion to everyone...

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