Thursday, October 20, 2011


Buddha Mind
Picture "Buddha Mind" kindly provided by h.koppdelaney

Mahatma Gandhi Ji once said:
I claim to be no more than an average person with less than average ability.  I do not have a shadow of doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith...

Most people don't realize the innate abilities that is present in them already.  I like to think that everything is possible, but what separates you from what is possible is the time, faith and peseverance.  I was at TEDxPennQuarter this week and David Kord Murray gave account of his life, and said the single most important lesson he learnt was "being able to get up and try again after being kicked to the ground".

What might wander which endevour is worth pursuing? I say the only one is to know thyself...If you say that you already do, then you have already limited yourself to what you know about yourself....The relation between you and yourself, and you and the world is tied together so intricately, that it is almost impossible tear them apart...

So don't stop believing, don't stop dreaming, don't stop trying for a better future for yourself and the world around you...Don't doubt for a single moment that you don't have it in you...

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