Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The say that God created women second so that God could perfect the first attempt at man.  I don't doubt it, women have more synapses (connections between neurons in the brain), their left and right brain are better integrated, they are much better at multi-tasking.  My wife was talking to me today that the pain of child birth is much over the human tolerance of pain possible.  I shudder to think that my wife went through labor 3 times.

Given a women's natural superior capabilities developed over thousands of years of evolution, its quite a wonder that they are treated as second class citizens when it comes to equality, past and present.  In today's complicated business environment, they do have a natural edge given all other things being equal.

In many cases women are locked into a submissive role not by their own choice, be it for many unfair reasons.  I was always at a loss why I saw personally first hand that some men don't traditionally help out around the house, many saw it as a sign of weakness, I personally think some humility is required after all bringing up a family and kids is a joint responsibility. In many cases staying at home, bringing up kids, is much harder than going to work.  I pull my hair out at home when Sharon is not around, I still can't figure out how she pulls it all off! homework, meals, errands, tidying up ahh!  

The tenth Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh Ji, gave the surname Kaur to all women, which means Queen, which is how they should be treated, if not then at least they should be treated as equal.

This video and related discussions really opened my eyes on how unfair society can be for whatever flawed reasoning past and present.  Its up to us to make a difference, it starts with us, in our own homes, in our own jobs, and the values we instill in our own children.

I feel the crux of this issue lies in the lack of spiritual understanding, that all human beings should be respected equally, regardless of caste, creed, country, gender, wealth and any other mental biases.  They should be treated equally and know that it is their birth right to be given equal opportunity.

Think Equal!

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