Saturday, September 24, 2011


Golden Path
Picture "Golden Path" kindly provided by  h.koppdelaney
I just went past 10000 hits on my blog. My first set of writings, I uploaded was in December last year, I get about 1000 hits a month average.

Writing has helped me a lot to clear my own head, my own priorities, and provided clarity into the type of person I would like to be.  My writing style has evolved through the practice, shorter, sharper, more intimate,  just like anything else that evolves through repetition. I still don't know when or how I will write the next post though, it sort of like having a "zen beginner mind" every time I start a new post :).

Writing and speaking out one thoughts, helps one think things out, it helps personal insights to happen, it also facilitate the inner healing process. It crystallizes your thoughts at a particular point in your life. I strongly recommend it, even if no-one comes to your blog.

You write for yourself, you write what you are, when you write about something beautiful, you scribe it into your mind, when you act on it, you create subtle impressions that stay with you forever.

Thank you for visiting my site (and glimpsing into my mind :) and sharing my work.

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