Saturday, August 27, 2011


Many people don't know what Qi is, and how much we depend on it to exist. Put it this way, Qi or Prana is the reason why we are alive, when we die, all qi leaves our body, the soul energy leaves, the body returns the five elements back to its source.

I was explain this to a friend:
"The body is only running because there is an enormous amount of intelligence that is guiding it, where is this coming from? This is coming from your soul! The soul combined with the 5 elements animate the body"

In these great short video posts Master Li, my Qi Gong master talks about relaxation, murky Qi, releasing emotions, and his form of Qi Gong. Master Li is a very unique individual, I hope to take his teacher training course some day, he is really an amazing, compassionate human being. The first time I met him it was his birthday, he looked about 10 years younger than his actual age. He was Jet Li's instructor at one point, a famous chinese actor, and Coach of Beijing's Martial Art Olympic team. Enjoy the videos

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