Thursday, July 14, 2011


I normally played the poker machine in the past.  I thought I would go to Vegas and try my luck with a very small amount of money eg $20.  However when I got there it did not fit quite right with me.  The thought of gambling when it came to doing it game me a sick feeling in the stomach especially after I saw a person losing about 15K in less then 10 seconds.

My spiritual mentor always said the term "Haram ki Khana Hasam Nei Hunda!" What it means basically is that one cannot digest food that is not earnt by hard work!

Its a difficult lesson to learn, but one that is important to learn.  I did not feel the urge to gamble in the hope of winning something big.   When you look at the probrabilities of winning are stacked against you. The only people that win are the people that lure you in the trap of foolish possibility of winning by showing you only situations where people win, dancing half naked girls, intoxicants and so on!

There is a deeper ethical question that is here, it is quite a prominent one.  "Would you make money at the possible detriment of another, and is this worth the cost of your humanity?"  This issue makes me sick.  There is so much money specifically in fast food, medicine, drugs, human trafficing, identity theft, spam that is based on this very concept.

Sure you can make money legally or illegally in these areas, but does it sit well with you, can you sleep at night, can you look yourself in the mirror, can you eat that spoon of food that has the blood of other beings and animals!  Or this does not bother you?

Unfortunately no-one escapes the results of their actions, small or big.  Action create subtle imprints on the mind that builds a person character, that stays with the persons character indefinately, until other actions either reinforce the original action or work against it.

Food for thought,

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