Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hoover Dam Under Full Moon
Picture "Hoover Dam Under Full Moon" kindly provided by http://www.flickr.com/photos/rightbrainphotography/
I wrote the following text on my plane back from Vegas last week:

I am on my flight back from Vegas, as I look down I see the Hoover dam and the lake, I did not realize how big the reservoir was.  It is am amazing construction, with multiple turbines generating electricity, I need to get the transformer movie out and watch it again with my kids. 

It has been a packed three days at Vegas, the Grand Canyon views were breathtaking, looking across this vast valleys take your breath way and for a few seconds you lose yourself in this vastness.  There are no fences on the ledges, one slip of your feet, strong gush of wind, accidental pushes, fainting will lead to a quick death.

The holiday so far has been great we all need a break from our everyday affairs and recharge.  I do miss my kids and can't wait to go home and do some fun things with them over the holiday summer break. 

We often think that we can put away holidays, a mistake I have made many times, but its these memories are the only priceless things in our lives.  These memories are like treasures, I remember the trips more than anything else in my life, I will never forget how the Taj Mahal looked in the moon light, or catching the waves on a boogie board in the Carrabean Seas in the Island of Magarita, or moving in waves of thousands of people in India, just to get a "darshan" (glipse/blessing) of a Spiritual Leader.

No one is going to thank you for all the late hours you or the money you saved 10,20 years down the track, nothing is more empty than the a large bank account with no memories of love, peace and feelings of awe!

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