Monday, July 4, 2011


It was a three day "Use Case" course with the "Hedgehog Instructor" that I attended last week.

The Bullshit Factor

In the course there was a section where we were talking about estimation, there was some acronyms such as TCF, (Technical Complexity Factor).  I interrupted a colleague JS, and said "you are not talking about the TCF you are talking about the BSF!"  

The whole class burst out laughing, including me, I darted across the room to JS and gave him a high five!  The instructor clarified that I was refering to the BullShit Factor, I said yes, and there was another explosion of laughter.   

The instructor said it was one of the most enjoyable classes he had taught.

Hedgehog Instructor

I refer to him as the  "Hedgehog Instructor" because he encapsulated the principles of the hedgehog concept, he was passionate about what he did, he had key strengths on communicating and teaching, and he had an economic engine teaching about relevant technical concepts in the technology industry.

I asked him a few questions:
He did an MBA, I asked him how he applied it?, he said he applies it to managing himself as a brand.

I asked him how he kept himself sharp to be able to deliver such an effective training course, he said keeping himself fit and avoiding negative people and keeping positive.

Combining training and consulting is a powerful combination, you learn you apply, you teach you learn.

There is a saying that when one teaches two people learn.

Personal Hedgehog
As I reflect on this excellent real life example:

To get meaning out of life, we must look at what we feel passionate about, what we can leverage as our key innate strengths and how we can channel these through the economic/work related areas to achieve a economic/work sustainability.

Economic reality is a means to an end, not a means itself, channeling  passion & strengths through work gives a powerful and a complete ecosystem of a successful & enjoyable life.

Out of this I have set myself some personal goals to accomplish:

1. Get the relevant certifications by end of 2012
   1.1 Toastmaster 
   1.2 Business Intelligence

2. Experiment channeling personal passion and strengths through technical/economic concepts

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