Friday, June 10, 2011


Spirit + Nature
Picture "Spirit + Nature" kindly provided by h.koppdelaney
The joy I seek does not rest in coins of gold
Nor can it be found in fame or power
Tempting they are, I must say
But tell me friend, how much does your soul weigh in gold?
Unlike first class, death allows no baggage

The joy I seek does not rest in pleasures of the senses or the stomach
After all how much can one eat?
Overeating is just as uncomfortable as not eating!
What to say about those poor creatures that are slaughtered without thought, who will bring them justice?

The joy I seek lies not in scholarly knowledge
All that does is blow up my ego!

The joy I seek lies in the dormant potential of humility, love, peace and compassion that lies in reach of all of us
So near, yet so far
Like a statue in the stone waiting for only what is not needed to be chipped away
Chip away what is not needed by keeping only that which is kind and is of purpose

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