Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Its not often that you get blown away twice in one week. Today I was lucky enough to go a two hour talk held by Benjamin Zander.  I must say the talk was absolutely mind-blowing.

Most people despair or get angry at the face of problems. But Zander says that all things are possible to solve simply by looking our frame of reference and unchallenged assumptions.  It does imply that we need to re-look at the hidden assumptions that cloud our judgement, and look in the realm of possibility by revisiting and challenging these unconscious assumptions.

He gave an example by getting people to sing happy birthday to a audience member, then he progressed with the level of engagement of the audience, until the end where the whole hundreds of people in the room, were literally showering the woman on a stool with all their heart and soul singing happy birthday with the upmost passion with full arms extended!  You can imagine what an experience that was like!

You see we only know how to sing happy birthday in a single monotonous boring tune, not with all our heart body and soul.  Unless we push ourself to the possibility of doing so we won't be able to do so.  Take this further we are only acting out the motions in life, we are in fact living our lives as Zombies, half dead!

Imagine if we opened ourselves up to the potential of infinite wisdom, love and compassion that is within the reach of each of us, what could happen to us, those around us and the world at large?

When I started this blog, I had no idea that I would be writing poetic verses, hell, I had no idea that I could even write, but it evolved because I opened myself to possibility that maybe I could make a difference to myself by writing and hopefully others. The writings became poetic because I could not get any more effective way to pack a punch with my message, there is only so much you can convey in words without the support of body language.

At the end I said to him while he was signing my book "Why be the wave when you can be the ocean" to which he burst out laughing as that was what his speech was all about, unlocking the potential for us as individual to reach fulfillment personally to benefit our families, our community, our work and our planet!

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