Thursday, February 17, 2011

8 Brocades - Ba Duan Jin, Eight pieces of Silk Brocade

This is the form I want to start incorporating into my daily routine.

"These exercises consist of gentle stretches that lengthen the muscles, tendons and stimulate the meridians and internal organs." Ken Cohen

The steps are illustrated in the videos below, after much hunting around I managed to find a good one (some repetition, but hey you only watch it while learning it).  I love the video, they do the movements so darn gracefully!  Watch the video, and carefully follow the transitions between steps, they should flow seamlessly.

As an aside, also keep in mind when you write, or when you talk, different points should transition seamlessly.  The principles of Qi Gong can be applied outside the form in literally anything.

As a commons sense disclaimer, seek medical advice before attempting these exercises if you have any health issues.  Repeat each steps between 4-9 times depending on how much time you have.

1. Two Hands Reach Skyward to Balance the Triple Burner. Inhale when raising arms, exhale when bringing arms down
2. Open the Bow as Though Shotting the Buzzard. Inhale before you start movements, hold breath during pause, exhale when put arms down
3. Raise Each Arm to Regulate the Spleen. Inhale when you start movements, hold in pause, exhale when you put arms down
4. Looking Behind to Cure Fatigue and Distress. Inhale when you turn sideways, exhale when turn to the front
5. Bending Over, Wagging the Tail to Calm Heart-Fire. Breath normally 
6. Toe Touching to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist. Inhale through nose when raising arms, and exhale when bending forward. Hold breath when pausing
7. Punching with Angry Gaze to Increase Qi and Strength. Exhale when thrusting fist, and inhaling when withdrawing fists.
8. Jolt Body to Keep All Illness Away. Breathe normally